Monday, April 27, 2009

Doctor's Affair

i am reader of this site since long times. I really enjoy the stories here. I also like to share my story with all u peoples. Well my name is ahmed and i m from karachi Pakistan. It all happened by a net chat when i met her a lady doctor aged 27 married with no kids and her hubby used to work as marketing manager in a good organization. Well with our chat we had normal conversations daily and we were in contacts of each other in msn ( and soon started to exchange mails and regular chats at fixed timings. As she was lonely so she joined a nearby hospital to work n get herself busy in life . We used to chat daily and shared about each other many n many things together and became close fiends. As we had seen each other on msn by pictures exchange. Slowly just in a week she became bold with me in all sense and shared with me her secret life as well then i came to know that she was sexually hungry as her hubby used to be mostly away and normally not hot guy in bed and she was missing sex since long time now. Jub humari kaafi dost ho gayee tu uss ny mujh sym era cell numbr manga tu m ny easily usay dy diaa phir humari aksar cell per batain hoti rehti thee aur who aksar ghr per akeli he hoti thee tu mujy call kia krti thee phir hum lambi batain krty rehty thay aur her tarha ke batain discuss krty thay kafi frank ho gaye they hum aik dosry syy. Aik din uss ny mujy sy milny ka kaha tu main raazi ho giaa hum ny aik jaga decide ke evening time main aik park tha us sky hospital ky pass he so hum ny wahan per milny ka programme banaya. Decided time per who aa gayee aur m ny usay pechaan lia kyun k hum aik dosry ko pics per dekh chuky thayy.. Wowo who itnee hot looking thee having nice figures yehaan tuk ky us ke boobs ka ubhaar saaf nazar aa raha thaa us sky dupattay syy aur she was nice light fair colour skin with long brown hairs and decents looks n was in her shalwar qamiz. Hum wahan about 2 hours tuk saath rehy had tea together then we both left for our homes. Phir raat ko uss ny mujy call ke aur poocha ka kaisa luga milna m ny uss ke bht tareefain kee aur kaha ky bht acha luga uss ny bhi mujy pasand kia aur milny ka thanx kiya. Isss tarha humari mulaqatian hony lugee aur hum milny lugy aksar.humari mulaqatoon per bht maza aata thaa aur hum aik saath baithty thay aur khoob batain krty thay saath walk krty thay . Aik din uss ny mujy apny ghar invite kiya for evening tea kyun k uss ka hubby tour per gia huwa tha for three days. So hum park per mily aur who mujy apny ghar ly gayee. She was nicely dressed in shalwar qamiz printed pink in colour and dupatta as well of pink colour and her hairs were open that day looked nice. Kareeb he uss ka ghar tha then we sat in drawing room and she went in kitched to prep for tea n some snacks while i wandered in her home. It was nicely decorated and neat n clean home of her. I played some music as well on her cd player and then she returned back with tray of tea n snacks and now she was without her dupatta wow for first time like this i had seen her swollen boobs they were nicely shaped and nicely in upward position and tightly fixed in her bra as her bra lines were also visible that time they were round in shape looking just like some middle sized balls stuck firmly on her chest..buss main tu usay dekhta he reh giaa .. Well phir hum ny tea pee and chatted for some time i said to her ky janab u r looking very cute n sexy tu who hunsi aur boli really?? Main ny kaha haan yarr surely ur soo sexy looking. Iss per boli k kia sexy hy mujh main? Main ny durty durty kaha ky aap ky boobs…. Iss per who bhi blushed ho gayee .. Main ny usay dekha tu pooch lia ky aap ka size kia hy iss per who boli ky 36d hy.Main excited hony laga aur kaha dost kia main aap ko kiss krr loon? Who boli mujy kiss kro gy? Main ny kaha ky haan iss per who boli kyun? Main ny kaha mera dil kr rha hyy ur soo beautiful sachi mian… aur main us sky karee baa giaaa she also responded and we were now quiet and our faces came close to each other and now our lips met n we had our first kiss on lips .pehly kiss k baad we separated and looked in each others eyes phir again we meet n started kissing and hum dono ny aik dosry ko hug kr lia thaa tightly and mujy us sky boobs aasani syy feel ho rhy thy mery chest per itnyy soft thay us sky boobs… hum kissing krty rehy aur hum dono ke saansain bhi taiz ho rhee thee aur room main humari kissing ke awazain hee aa rahee theen. Humary lips joined thay aur zabaan aik dosry ko choos rahy thay zor zor syyy aur khoob madhooshi aa rahee theee main ny apny haath us sky chest per rukh diye aur slow slow us sky boobs ko massage krny laga… phir main ny us sky boobs ko press krna start kr diaa aik aik kr kyyy usay bhi maza aa raha thaa aur uss ke awazin nikal rhee thee siskiooon ke.. Shhhh……. Hmmmmmmmm…. Hmmmmmmmm,isssssssssssssssssss……..sssssssssssssssssssssssssshumari kissing chul rhee thee aur main ny us sky buttons open krny star t kr diaa mujy us sky nude boobs ko dekhna thaaa….. Aisa lug raha thaa ky soft rubbers ko press kr rha hoon … us sky dres ky opper syy he uss ke nipples ke hardness mujy feel ho rhee the…… uss ka bhi haath mery jism per chul raha thaaa… phir hum ny kissing break kee aur hum dono jaldi sy us sky bedroom ke taraf chaly gayee aik bar phir room m ponch kr hum ny kissing ke aur this time uss ny meri shirt ky buttons open kiye aur main ny uss ke qamiz ke buttons open kiye aur uss ke qamiz utar dee who abb buss bram thee jo ky pink colour ky thay aur us ke boobs tightly uss m closed thay…main ny uss ke boobs ko opper syy he press krna start kr diaa aur kiss krny lugaa uss ke awazain nikal gayee aur who mera head apny chest per press krny lugee phir uss ny khud he apny bra ke hooks open kr diye aur foooran m ny uss ke bra ko remove kr diaa wowo hmmmmm what a look at her nude boobs… pinkish nipples with firm shape nicely rounded ufff….. I was just mad to see them in front of me…i just attacked on her chest and madly massaging n foldering n kissing n sucking them…, she was also getting pleasure i sucked her boobs one by one n uss ke nipples ko bhi zor zor syy apny mouth m tease kr rha thaa uss ke nipples bhi hard ho gayee theenn.. Uss ka hand mery penis per thaa aur who usay massage kr rhee thee.. Phir uss ny meri pent ka belt loose kia aur buttons off kiye aur meri pent utarii.. Then we both jumped in bed aur hum aik dosry ke full body per kissing krny lugy phir uss ny meri undies bhi utar dee aur mian ny bhi usay full nude kr diaa aur uss ke shalwar utar kr uss ke panty bhi utar dee… uss ke pussy per buss bht thory syy hairs thay .. Wow kia beauty thee who…hum aik dosry ko khoob kissing krty rehy kabhi who mery opper hoti tu kabhi main us sky opper…Rolling in bed and enjoying every second playing with each other body parts well….. Who mery penis ko massage krti rahee aur m us sky boobs ko phir she beace very hotn uss ny kaha ky abb ander daloona plz…. Phir uss ny apny handbag m syy condom ka packet mujy diaa aur kaha kyy dear safety bht zaroori hyy….. Main ny kaha sure jani.. She herself opened the condom packet aur uss ny khud syy mery penis per condom lagaya aur then kaha janu plz do it.. Abb aur zaida wait nhi kr suktii….. Main ny usay seedha letaya aur uss ke legs k beech aa giaaa.. Aur uss ke legs ko open kia widely.. Ufff soo clean pussy thee uss keee aur pink colour keee.. Hmmm garam bhi thee aur wet bhi…..mian ny apny aap ko position kiaa aur us sky ander apna penis insert krny lugaa hmmmm who bht garam thee aur mujy thora saa zoor lagana para aur mera penis us sky ander jany lugaa uuufffffo hhhh aise garmi thee uss ke pussy main k main kia bataoon uss ke bhi awaiz nikalna shoro ho gayee aur mian ny phir aik zor k jhatky syy apna pora penis uss k ander daal diaaa… aur tarap kr mujh syy chhipak gayee aur hum aik dosry main lock ho gayee us ke legs ny mujy apny aap main jakar liaa thaa… main thori dair ruka phir jhatky start kr diyee slow slow ander bahar krny laga who mera saath deny lagiii… slow slow krty rehy hum kuch dair phir main ny zor pakra aur uss ny bhi zor krna start kiyaa…. Aur bolo hananann aur daloo aur zorr zsyyyy hhmmm yaaaa………s hnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Main ny bhi speed pakar lee aur hum poori tarha wet ho gayee thy sweat main aur pagaloon ke tarha sex kr rhy thayy.. Kuch dair hum bht jhatky lagaty rehyy phir uss ke choot main syyy paani nikalny start ho giaa aur main bhi apny climex per chula giaa thaa aur meri bhi ziooorrr darr awaaiz nikalna start ho gayee thee main bhi farigh hony wala thaa aur jhatky marr raha thaa…….. Main full us sky ander daal raha thaaa aur who mera poora saath dyyy rhee thee… hum dono buss pagal thyy uss time… aur phir main bhi farigh ho giaa aur us sky opper giaa giaa hum kissing krny lagayyy aur mera penis kaafi dair tuk uss ke ander hee raha…… hum dono aik dosry ko tightly hug kiyee huwee thyy……. Jub kuch normal huwee tu uss ny kaha ky dear bht maza aayaa main ny bhi kaha jan haan ur great. So folks yeh the meri kahani per aap ke comments ko welcome karoon ga aur wait kroon ga aap ke replies ka. Mera naam ahmed hy aur main karachi syy hoon . Hope so ky karachi sy bhi log mujy apni suggestions aur views sy zaroor aagah karain gy mujy intezr rehy ga sub logoon ka.


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